Dunbar's Pool Repair and Maintenance

Clean Pools with Dunbar's Pool ServiceDunbar’s Pool Service offers complete weekly and monthly maintenance and repairs to keep your pool and spa in optimum health. All basic chemicals are included for all service plans, with the exception of commericial accounts in the summer months.

There is nothing like a sparkling pool after Dunbar’s personal service. We come to your home to ensure that your pool looks good and runs smoothly. Our weekly maintenance service includes vacuuming/brushing the walls, removing debris, checking and adding chemicals, plus routine tasks of checking motors, pumps, filters, heaters and salt cells to keep the water sparkly clean.

It is important to have your pool professionally cleaned and chemically balanced, and your equipment inspected weekly to ensure top performance of all systems.

Clean, well-maintained equipment runs more efficiently, using less energy. Give us a call today for a full inspection.

Full Service

Maintain pool chemicals at safe levels
Add chemicals as needed
Clean pump & skimmer baskets
Backwash D.E. filters
Brush sides of pool
Skim surface water
Remove any debris from pool
Continued observation of equipment on arrival
Weekly Vacuuming
Cleaning out debris from pumps & skimmer

Weekly Pool Cleaning Service